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Small Dia Emulsion Explosives


SALVO SUPER E80, SALVO SUPER E90 Emulsion explosives are new generation explosive characterized by high degree of intimacy between oxidizers and fuels in the composition. This leads to high VOD and optimum strength. Since each droplet of oxidizer is bounded by fuel, it is best suited for use in water columns, mines, stone quarries, tunneling, well sinking and civil works for better fragmentation & output.


  • No Toxic Fumes
  • High VOD and Weight strength
  • High Water resistance
  • Excelent for blasting hard rocks
  • Extra energy


  • Tunneling
  • Opencast operations
  • Underground Sinking
  • Quarries Well Sinking
  • General purpose blasting
  • Civil exavation


Sensitivity Cap Sensitive, Detonator NO.6, Detonating Fuse
Nominal Density 1.15 to 1.20 (gms/cc)
Strength ASW 1000 (cal/gms)
VOD confined 4300 +/- 200 (mtr/sec)
DIA 25,32,40 & 50 (mm)
Water resistance Excellent