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Cast Boosters


A high detonation pressure explosive for boosting large diameter explosives. There are 6 sizes available 100g, 150g, 175g, 250g, 400g and 500g. Our SALVO CAST BOOST is designed to such specifications so that it is compatible with both detonating cord as well as non-electric detonator.


Pentolite Booster makes efficient primers and booster that detonate at a very high velocity and temperature. These qualities, together with high density produce great detonation pressure, Pentolite boosters can be stored for long periods of time, as they contain no liquid ingredients and can be operated easily without use of pickers. They are equipped with two holes for easy initiation with detonating cord or detonators. They do not contain nitroglycerin or other headache causing ingredients.


Pentolite Boosters can be used for effectively initiating cap insensitive charges in a borehole at any predetermined point in a column of explosive charge.


Density 1.55 to 1.60 gm/cc
Velocity 7600 +/- 200 meters per second
Shock Energy 237 calories / gram
Bubble Energy 470 calories / gram
Detonation Energy 240 kilo bars


Size Qty Per Case Nett Weight
100 gm 250 Nos. 25 Kgs.
150 gm 167 Nos. 25 Kgs.
175 gm 143 Nos. 25 Kgs.
250 gm 100 Nos. 25 Kgs.
400 gm 63 Nos. 25 Kgs.
500 gm 50 Nos. 25 Kgs.