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Bulk Emulsion Explosives


SALVOS EXPLOSIVES & CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. is in the midst of setting up a mobile Bulk emulsion manufacturing facility as an addition to her range of products and services at competitive prices to the blasting industry. This mobile facility will provide speedy mobility and flexibility in the supply of bulk emulsion to the customers at the doorsteps of any term type project sites with uninterrupted supply of bulk emulsions. This mobile unit is also able to cater to any on the spot demands for change for blends manufacturing formulations to blast the various types of rocks.

This is in line with its mission to achieve higher market share and provide excellent products with innovation that spells effectiveness and efficiency to the customers. Bulk Emulsion Explosives provide optimum blasting results and in return yield greater productivity.

The product dealt by our company: SALVO BULK


Velocity of Detonation 45000-M 500m/sec
Relative weight strength 97-101 k atm
Total energy of explosive 3200 to 3300 kj/kg
Critical density of product 1.31 g/cc
Density 0.95 to 1.20 g/cc
Water Resistance Excellent
Sleeping Time 10 to 15 days